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Our Collection
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Scandinavian Frame Premium
Our flagship. This collection offers comfortable, high quality frames in both discreet and strong colors. Often, the models have Ultem temples for increased comfort.

Scandinavian Frames
Our “house collection” with great selling models and wide selection of colors. Available in both metal and acetate. Here are frames for everyone, ranging from standard models to more protruding and fun models.

Jonas Karlsson Classic
This is a collection of more classic and timeless models. The material is of the highest quality and the frames are hand-crafted in high-class spirit. In this collection there are both women’s and men’s frames for those who seek class and style.

Björn Åberg
A collection of popular models and colors of today. This is for those who want high quality in a frame that melts into the crowd. Comfort and quality in simplicity are the keywords for this collection. Many of the models have Ultem temples for increased comfort.

Scandinavian Kids
A children’s collection for the younger and younger in both popular fun colors and less striking colors.

Northern Light
Functional and fashionable glasses for all. An affordable option so everyone can afford. A collection with a wide selection of models and colors.

Our simplest and most affordable collection. An extremely popular choice for terminal/data glasses.

All K
A simpler collection of affordable and likable frames.

Cubic Concept
A collection of models liked by many. The frames are fashionable in time and very affordable.

Kubic Sun
Sunglasses that are suitable for prescription sunglasses, or wearing as they are. Available in many different models to suit everyones taste.

Nova Sun & Sport
A global brand available in over 25 countries worldwide. Nova offers a vast range of premium eye care products, advanced digital lenses, fashionable frames, swimming goggles and RX sunglasses. Offering the best of two worlds i.e. fashionable eyewear combined with the latest lens technology spanning a wide range of vision protection and vision correction solutions, Nova Eyewear meets all your style preferences and vision care needs

Goggle Sport
A collection suitable for most sports and needs. Either like sports goggles or sun-sports goggles.